Best Alternatives to WhatsApp for Audio and Video Calls


With the advent of time, the means of communication became easier and better. In ancient times, people heavily relied on sending letters. But that was not a one-day process as there were no post offices or better means of transportation. Someone had to travel for days to get it delivered to the right person.

Fast forward, the telephone came into existence, and means of communication became easier and better. But since the inception of the internet, communication took a 180-degree turn. From voice phones to video calls, the evolution of the internet has offered an easy way to connect with different people around the world without any struggles.

You might have talked to your beloved friend living abroad or to your client who wants to interview you. Unless you are not having a good internet connection, making video calls is just impossible.

To make smooth and uninterrupted calls, the only thing you need to bother with is a stable internet connection. What constitutes a stable internet connection is high-speed download and coverage in most states. Spectrum, which is widely available throughout the United States, delivers what it advertises. If you want to get value for the money, simply sign up for spectrum internet promociones for all your daily online activities.

You might have used WhatsApp to call your friends and family members. Offering both audio and video calls, WhatsApp is not the only app you can look forward to. It’s time to install some other applications and let you talk to random people whom you have never met. Let’s take a look at it.


Badoo is one of the best apps we would recommend you to meet strangers and have a conversation with them. You can even meet them outside to know more. With over 460 million users using Badoo, the application makes it a top choice for youngsters and even grownups to meet random people and expand their circle.

Some of the notable features of Badoo include searching for people around you to communicate with. Chat in real-time with random people and get instant notifications on your device. Moreover, you can even have face-to-face video calls with those strangers and get to know more about them.


Telegram is also one of the top video calling apps where millions of people collaborate by making a group. Most businesses and brands are using Telegram to interact with potential and existing customers.

Telegram is accessible on all devices including tablets, laptops, and smartphones. The chats are synchronized on all devices and offer simple video editing tools as well. Moreover, Telegram also offers unlimited cloud storage along with quick messaging and secure video chats.

Signal Private Messenger

Communication is not a hassle anymore due to the blessings of the internet. With so many apps available on Play Store, you can also check Signal Private Messenger to start communicating with people. Similar to WhatsApp, you can receive and send messages, explore new features, and have video calls with someone who is living far away.

One of the best features of Signal Private Messenger is that it offers a secure and encrypted environment so that your privacy is not leaked. For more fun, Signal Private Messenger also provides you with a set of emojis and GIFs to make your conversations deep and affectionate.


Skype is one of the oldest video and audio calling apps that allows you to communicate with
your loved ones by adding to your list. Once you have added it, you can turn on your video call
and forget about the time to end. Have conversations for hours and celebrate big days on video
calls, just like everyone is with you.

Skype is mostly used by organizations and businesses to communicate and interact with clients. Moreover, it also allows you to make groups of different people who share similar thoughts and work. If you wish to give a presentation to your client or boss, you can simply turn on the screen-sharing option and start giving a presentation right away.

Element – Secure Messenger

The Internet is the place for all types of people where some of them would like to steal your privacy and data. But when it comes to Element, it offers a secure platform for team collaboration within the office. If you are working remotely or as a freelancer, give it a try as the app offers end-to-end encryption.

File sharing, voice calls, and video conferencing are just a tap away with Element. If you have fallen victim to hackers in the past, you need to check Element to enjoy end-to-end encrypted messaging, video calls, and voice calls.


The Internet is not a safe place and anyone could steal your data and private information. Although most communication apps ensure to deliver an encrypted environment, still some apps lack the feature. But when it comes to Wire, there is no better alternative to WhatsApp offering advanced security, optimal user experience, and protecting privacy.

Summing UpStart your audio and video call in a secure environment and enjoy peace of mind like never before. If you want to leverage Wire to ensure seamless communication among the workforce, Wire is just going to fulfill your needs.

Summing Up

Communication has improved in the 21 st century and having seamless and uninterrupted communication is no longer difficult. The aforementioned apps are great for audio and video calls to interact with strangers, employers, clients, friends, and loved ones.

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