What Channel Is Showtime On Different Cable Networks?


Showtime is available through different cable providers and packages. But, what channel is Showtime on your favorite network? Here are all the channels that you can watch on Showtime (may vary by region).

Verizon FiOS

Station NameChannel Number
Showtime365/865 HD
Showtime 2369/869 HD
Showtime 2 West370/870 HD
Showtime Beyond371
Showtime Beyond West372
Showtime Extreme373/873 HD
Showtime Extreme West374/874 HD
Showtime Family Zone379
Showtime Family Zone West380
Showtime Next377
Showtime Next West378
Showtime Showcase367/867 HD
Showtime Showcase West368/868 HD
Showtime West366/866 HD
Showtime Women375
Showtime Women West3

Frontier FiOS

What channel is Showtime on FiOS TV?

RegionChannel Number
California365/865 HD
Texas365/865 HD
Washington365/865 HD
Florida365/865 HD
Oregan365/865 HD
Indiana365/865 HD


Showtime On Demand320
Showtime Showcase321
Showtime Extreme322
Showtime Beyond323
Showtime Next324
Showtime Family Zone325
Showtime Women326
Showtime West327
Showtime Too West328
Showtime Showcase West329


Comcast/Xfinity offers showtime on the following channels.

Showtime on ComcastChicago, IllinoisCinncinati, OhioNew York City, NY
Showtime HD on Xfinity185339418
Showtime on Xfinity575340340
SHO 2 on Xfinity577341341
Showtime Showcase on Xfinity579342342
Showtime Extreme on Xfinity1848347347

Charter Spectrum

SHO 2 – E580
SHO 2 – W564
SHO Beyond – E582
Sho Extreme – E583
SHO Extreme – W570
SHO Next – E585
SHO Women – E584
Showtime – E561
Showtime – W579
Showtime Showcase-E581
Showtime Showcase-W586

Dish TV

Showtime (E)318
Showtime (W)319
Showtime 2320
Showtime Showcase321
Showtime Extreme322
Showtime Beyond323
The Movie Channel (E)327
The Movie Channel Xtra (E)328


Showtime (east; HD/SD)545
Showtime (west; HD/SD)546
Showtime 2 (HD/SD)547
Showcase (HD/SD)548
Showtime Extreme (HD/SD)549
Showtime Beyond (HD)550
Showtime Next (HD)551
Showtime Women (HD)552
Showtime On Demand1545


ShowTime Schedule – https://www.sho.com/schedule

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