How to Login and Activate Hotstar On Smart TV? TV/Activate

Contents – Disney+ Hotstar is IPL 2021’s exclusive streaming partner. Hotstar is an online streaming video platform.

It features TV series, news, and movies as well as sports in a variety of languages.Disney+ Hotstar is the only streaming partner for IPL 2020. All VIP subscribers will receive an additional 30-day subscription at no cost.

If you’re looking for the best streaming website, then this is the place to be. tv : Live Updates

  1. Hotstar Premium allows you to access various content on the app, including your favorite shows and IPL. 
  2. You can view Hotstar TV after you have subscribed.
  3. After signing up, it is easy to log into your Hotstar account.

How do I create a Hotstar premium account? ( login)

  1.  Go to the official website login.
  2.  Select the plan that you want
  3. Log in/Sign up
  4. Make the payment
  5. Click the subscription link.

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These steps will allow you to log in from TV to your Hotstar account:

  1.  Turn on your TV.
  2.  Next, open the ‘Disney+ Hotstar app on your smart television to view it.
  3.  Next, go to “My Account” or play any paid content.
  4. Now you will see the code.
  5.  Go to and enter the code via your phone and laptop.
  6. Log in to your “Disney+ Hotstar” account.
  7.  Enter the code displayed on the TV.

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How to Activate Hotstar on TV Amazon Firestick using id/activate smart tv?

  1. To connect your Amazon Firestick, turn on the TV.
  2. Connect your TV to strong internet connections
  3. Click on the Search Bar and type “Hotstar” into the search box.
  4. Click on the Hotstar app in the search results, and then click the Open button.
  5. Next, click on the “Download” button at the top of the screen.
  6. Now the app will start downloading. Wait for the download to complete.
  7. Hotstar will be available for download once you click on the “Open” button.
  8. It will now install Hotstar on your Firestick.

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Disney+Hotstar VIP (lgtv.hotstar.con)

  1. Annual Disney+Hotstar VIP subscriptions cost Rs.399 – lg-tv. hotstar. com/in/activate.
  2. All Disney+ content is available to you, including originals and TV shows, reality TV, children’s films in dubbed versions, Hotstar, live sports, Hotstar specials, Hotstar exclusives, and all-new TV shows under Star India.

Disney+Hotstar Premium

  1. For Rs.299 per month, Disney+Hotstar Premium is Rs.1499, and for Rs.1499, an annual subscription. 
  2. A yearly subscription is more affordable than a monthly one. 
  3. All Disney+content can be accessed in original languages. 
  4. You also have access to exclusive Hotstar specials, American movies, and TV shows. 
  5. Hotstar Live sports and the most recent TV shows are available.

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Hotstar – Apps available on Google Play?

Hotstar Apple App Store

Hotstar Premium Account Features

  • IPL live to stream
  • Indian show
  • Sport
  • American show
  • Hollywood movies
  • Indian movies.
  • One month of free for new users
  • It was simple to activate the Hotstar TV login using Firestick TV. 
  • We have made the instructions clear and straightforward.
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Hotstar not working on Smart TV. Here’s how to fix the problem

  • Hotstar is not working on Smart TV. These are the top social media concerns and hacks that You can use to address them. 
  • Disney+ Hotstar is a new streaming service that allows people to enjoy their favorite Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney movies online. 
  • Recently, there have been many complaints about Disney+ Hotstar not working with Smart TV.
  • Here’s what to do if you have a similar problem.
  • There are many reasons why Disney+ Hotstar is not working on Smart TV. 
  • The streaming service app may not work due to an internal problem or a bug. 
  • Retry connecting again by updating the app on your Smart TV and your Android or iOS smartphone.

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Close the app and reopen it ( login)

  • Sometimes streaming content can cause problems with the app. 
  • To avoid this error, close the app and then reopen it to fix the problem. You can also remove it from your smartphone’s working tabs to complete it entirely.

Install the App (hostar. com/id/activate)

  • The crashing issue can be stopped by reinstalling any apps that aren’t working.
  •  You can also use Hotstar to update the app.
  •  To install the app, first, uninstall it from your Android smartphone.
  •  Next, go to the App Store/Play Store to download the app. 
  • Check if the app works after installation.
  • If Disney+ Hotstar does not work, the company can fix the problem.
  •  To continue using the service, you can use the Deskstop website or the mobile app.

How can I become a Disney+ Hotstar premium member?

  • Click on any browser to go to Premium.Hotstar.Com and choose between All Sports or Premium Plans.
  • Register using your Email ID, Password, or your Facebook account.
  • Enter Your Payment Details

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How do I activate Hotstar on my TV? ( smart tv)

How to Install Disney+ Hotstar on Your Smart TV

  • On your smart TV, launch the Disney+ Hotstar app.
  • Try to play any premium content or go to My Account.
  • A code will be shown.
  • Using your phone or laptop, go to
  • Log in to your Disney+ account on Hotstar.
  • Enter the code that was broadcast on television.

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Where do I enter my 4-digit code in Hotstar? (hostar. com/id/activate)

On your computer’s browser

  • Visit the website
  • In the upper right-hand corner, click ‘Login.’
  • Fill up your registered phone number.
  • Choose ‘Continue’.
  • A four-digit verification number will be sent to you through SMS.
  • On the application, enter the 4-digit code.
  • You are now signed in after clicking ‘Continue.’ Begin streaming!

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How can I login to Hotstar without OTP?

Step 1: Open the Disney+ Hotstar app on your smartphone first.
Step 2: Next, go to the upper left corner of the app’s hamburger menu and select Log in.
Step 3: Next, enter your phone number or choose Have a Facebook/ Email Account, enter your email address and password, or Login with Facebook, depending on your preferred form of login. That’s everything!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Disney Hotstar on TV? ( id/activate code)

Disney+ Hotstar is now available on all of your favorite devices, including your phone, laptop, tablet, and even your Android TV or Apple TV. Not only does the streaming service have all of the stuff from the House of Mouse, but it also offers local films.

Why Hotstar is not working on TV? (hotstar tv activate)

Many customers have reported that Hotstar does not operate with Smart TVs. This problem might be caused by a lack of a properly updated app or a slow internet connection. Check sure the app is updated on the TV and that the internet is operating correctly to resolve this issue.

Does Hotstar work on a smart TV? (hotstar tv activation)

Hotstar is accessible on nearly all major platforms. Hotstar may be downloaded for mobile and tablet devices through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. One of the finest benefits of Hotstar is that you can watch it on your Smart TV as well.

How can I log in to Hotstar without OTP on Mobile?

Previously, all you had to do to log in to Disney+ Hotstar using your email or Facebook was input your Disney+ Hotstar account’s email or Facebook id and password.

Can I watch Hotstar on TV with a 499 plan?

A one-year subscription to Disney+ Hotstar Mobile costs Rs 499. The subscription plan is a mobile-only plan that allows only one mobile or laptop to stream at the same time. Users will get access to all of the material on Disney+ Hotstar, however, this subscription will include advertisements.

What is the code to activate Hotstar?

Visit for more information. Sign in with your Jio phone number and the OTP. Enter the one-of-a-kind promo code supplied. Your subscription will be activated after you provide confirmation.

How do I connect my Hotstar phone to my TV?

Method 1: Use an Amazon Firestick to run the Hotstar app straight on your TV.
Way 2: Use an HDMI connection to connect your laptop to your TV and cast Hotstar from the laptop to the TV.
Method 3: Cast/mirror Hotstar from your phone to your TV using the Google Chromecast device.

How do I activate Hotstar on my Smart TV? (www.hostar/id/activate)

On your smart TV, launch the Disney+ Hotstar app.
Try to play any premium content or go to My Account.
A code will be shown.
Using your phone or laptop, go to
Log in to your Disney+ account on Hotstar.
Enter the code that was broadcast on television.

How can I log into my Hotstar email ID and password?

Step 1: To begin, use the Disney+ Hotstar app on your smartphone. Step 2: Next, go to the upper left corner of the app’s hamburger menu and select login. Step 3: Next, enter your phone number or choose Have a Facebook/ Email Account, enter your email address and password, or log in with Facebook, depending on your preferred form of login. That’s it!

How do I log into Hotstar devices? (

Users may visit Manage Devices from the account area, which displays a list of logged-in devices with current sessions. After validating the one-time password, users can log out of the platform from any device that was previously signed in.

How do I get Hotstar on my Samsung Smart TV? (samsung-tv. hotstar. com/in/activate)

Select the search bar on the Samsung Store and, using the virtual keyboard on the screen, type Disney plus Hotstar, then push the OK button on your remote. Step 4: Once you’ve discovered the app, use your remote to choose the install option beside Disney+ Hotstar and hit OK.

Can Hotstar be cast on TV? ( id/activate and enter)

The online streaming app Disney+ Hotstar does not permit screen mirroring, according to the terms and regulations. Users may watch Hotstar on their TVs via Chromecast, Miracast, and other casting apps compatible with the devices. However, one must be linked to the same WiFi network.

Can I watch Hotstar on TV? ( /activate)

To log in to your Hotstar account from your TV, follow these steps: Start by turning on your television. Step 2: Next, on your smart TV, open the ‘Disney+ Hotstar program. Step 3: Next, go to ‘My Account or try to play any paid material from the app.

How do I activate VIP on Hotstar?

In a web browser, go to
Select VIP with a click.
Continue with VIP by clicking Continue.
Subscribe by logging in.
To complete the purchase, follow the on-screen instructions.

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